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Hurghada Diving

                                                    Hurghada Dive Sites

Hurghada diving sites 

                    1. Shaab El Erg

                    Large lagoon at Hurghadas northern most point, shallow dive on outer coral
                    gardens and gathering point for manta rays in Spring. Renowned for
                    sightings of resident dolphin community by divers.

                    2. Umm Gammar (2721.155'N, 3354.550'E)

                    Big groupers and lots of sweepers in the muiltiple caves found along thhe
                    eastern wall and drop offs of this tiny islands fringing reef.

                    3. Shaab Ruhr Umm Gammar (2711.550'N, 3354.550'E)

                    South of the Island, this reef offers superb wall diving with possibilities of
                    encountering reef sharks and sized groupers. Small wreckage.

                    4. Careless Reef (2718.700'N, 3356.200'E)

                    Two pinnacles rising from a shallow plateau surrounded by deep water.
                    Magnificent coral gardens famous for the numerous giant morays
                    encountered there, as well as the whitetip reef sharks and schooling reef

                    5. Small Giftun (2711.030'N, 3358.530'E)

                    Several good dives are found on the reefs around this island, the most
                    famous the drift dive on the giant fan coral forest at the eastern fringing
                    reefs wall. Napolean fish.

                    6. Big Giftun

                    Best diving found on its eastern side, especially at 'stone beach' where
                    morays and turtles are found on the hard coral garden found on the upper
                    part of the wall.

                    7. Abu Ramada Island (2709.784'N, 3359.046'E)

                    Two little islands surrounded by a single reef. Good drift dive along the
                    steep eastern wall, with big fan corals, overhangs and swimm throughs. Big
                    groupers and carangids.

                    8. Gota Abu Ramada (2708.340'N, 3357.196'E)

                    South of the island, a little reef features a shallow plateau also named the
                    "Aquarium" because of the abundant schools of butterflies, banners and
                    snappers here foung swimming around the mountains of coral gardens.

                    9. Ras Disha

                    The fringing reef which surrounds this cape offers a good shallow dive on
                    the hard coral garden found north of the lighthouse with schooling
                    barracuda, napolean fish and groupers. Gaeden eels.

                    10. Abu Hashish

                    Shallow labyryth on the south side of the island where lots of blue spotted
                    stingrays, puffer fishes and morays are found swimming through a pinnacle
                    landscape. Also drift dive along the eastern wall.


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