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Sharm Diving

                                                  Sharm El Sheikh Dive Sites

Sharm El Sheikh Diving sites         

                      1. Jackson Reef (2800.450' N, 3428.350 E)

                      Most northerly of the reefs of Tiran, superb wall diving along its entire
                      perimeter, with sights of sharks, turtles and other big fish.

                      2. Thomas Reef

                      Between Gorden and Woodhouse reefs, smaller round reef with walls
                      plunging deep fully covered with soft coral, gorgonias and colourful
                      fixed life.

                      3. Ras Nasrani (9km north of Naama Bay)

                      The south side of the cape is formed by big hard coral blocks on the
                      shallows, after dropping to greater depths with caves and overhangs
                      along the wall.

                      4. Far Garden (just north of Naama Bay)

                      The most seaward of the gardens, is therefore a more colourful fringing
                      reef and more frequently visited by pelagics. Glassfish caves.

                      5. Pinky's Wall

                      Drift dive along the fringing reef, a slope from where richly covered
                      coral heads emerge before becoming a shear bottomless wall.

                      6. Paradise

                      Northern side of Ras Umm Sidds wall, fully decorated coral heads rise
                      from a gentle slope, housing schools of glassfish against a colourful

                      7. Ras Umm Sidd (2750.950' N, 3418.600' E)

                      The south side of the cape offers a superb gorgonian forest, before
                      getting to the surface of the plateau bursting with life and with the
                      possibility of spotting big fish at the corner.

                      8. Ras Za'atar

                      Most northern dive of Ras Mohammed National Park, it is the southern
                      entrance to the bay of Marsa Bareika. Steep wall with caves and
                      overhangs, becomes a gentler slope around the corner, scattered with
                      colourful coral heads.

                      9. Shark Observatory (2744.000' N, 3416.000' E)

                      Southern end of Sinai Peninsula, the towering cliffs continue beneath
                      thhe surface to fade into the deep blue. Smoothed wall with numerous
                      gullies and canyons dessed with soft corals. Jacks and Turtles.

                      10. Shark & Jolanda Reefs (2743.150' N, 3415.590' E)

                      Mythic site in one of the most strategic spots in all of the Red Sea, the
                      two small pinnacles are joined by a shear wall dropping to the deep
                      blue covered in soft corals. Large schools of fish gather in often strong
                      currents with large pelagics approaching to feed on them. Small
                      remains of the 'Jolanda' wreck present


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