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Classical Egypt

Package I - Classical Egypt  

  3 nights Cairo, 2 nights Luxor and 2 nights Aswan  ( 7 nights/8 days)

Day 01:

- Arrival at Cairo international airport.

- Meet and assistance through arrival formalities and transfer to your hotel.

- Overnight in Cairo.

Day 02:

- AM. A full day tour of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, housing around 250,000 antique pieces.


- covering the whole history of ancient Egypt, which extends over the past 5 thousand years, among these pieces the most magnificent treasures of the young King Tut Ankh Amon.

- Then drive to the three famous Pyramids of Giza, erected by Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus, guarded by the mysterious Sphinx, which is a mythical statue with a body of a lion and a human head.

- The three Pyramids and the Sphinx are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the most important tourist site in Egypt.

- Overnight in Cairo.

Day 03:

- Morning transfer to Cairo airport to board your domestic flight for Luxor.

- Arrive Luxor airport and transfer to your hotel. Luxor is the place which considered the greatest outdoor museum in the world, it contains nearly one third of the world's antiquities. There is hardly a place in Luxor which has not a relic that reflects the greatness of the ancient Egyptians and their civilization that dates back to more than seven thousand years ago. PM. A visit to Karnak temples, where in the hypostyle hall of God Amon you are lost in a forest of columns. Karnak temples are the greatest sanctuary in history that includes several temples among which is the temple of Theban Triad (Amon,Mout and Khonso). Then drive to Luxor temple which is located 3 KM south of the temple of Karnak. It's famous for its pillars that take the form of a bundle of Papyrus. It was dedicated for the worship of God Amun Ra. The construction of the temple dates back to Amenhotep II and Ramses the II. Luxor temple was built to the glory of Amon Ra, king of Gods, and which they called " The Southern Harem of Amon " brought back to light in 1883 by Gaston Maspero. Overnight in Luxor.

Day 04:

- Early morning crossing the Nile by ferry boat to the West Bank. Entering the dramatic Valley of the Kings, or " Biban El Molouk " which means the gate of Kings. The famous gorge dominated by a peak mountain called " Thibian Crown " contains the Necropolis of the great sovereigns from the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasties who prepared rock-hewn tombs for themselves.

- Then a visit to the rock-cut temple of Dair El Bahari " built for Queen Hatshepsut, one of the unique architectural masterpieces in the ancient Egyptian history. Queen Hatshepsut commissioned a monument to be built in honor of her father Thotmosis I. And for herself chose an inaccessible valley which consecrated to the goddess Hathour welcomed the dead in the next world.

- On the way back you'll pass by the famous colossi of Memnon, the only remains of the funeral temple of Aminophis III which must have stood to the sides of the entrance to the temple, are 20 meters high, their feet alone measures 2 meters in length and one meter width, cut in the monolithic blocks of sand-stone and portraying the Pharaoh seated on his thrown.

- Overnight in Luxor.

Day 05:

- Transfer to Luxor airport to board your flight for Aswan.

- Arrival Aswan airport and transfer to your hotel.

- Aswan is considered as the sunniest southern and ancient frontier city, has distinctively African atmosphere, small enough to walk around the most beautiful setting on the Nile.

- Afternoon, sail with a Felucca boat, the oldest method of navigation, passing by the botanical garden, watch the Aga Khan Mausoleum up on the hill.

- Overnight in Aswan.

Day 06:

- A visit to the High Dam, it was an engineering miracle when it was built in the 1960's. today it provides irrigation and electricity for the whole of Egypt. Passing over the Old Aswan Dam on the way.

- Then a visit to Philae temple, the romantic and majestic aura surrounding the temple complex of Isis on the island of Phelie has been luring pilgrims for thousand of years; during the 19th century. The ruins of Egypt's most legendary tourist attractions. Even when it seemed that they were distant to be lost orever beneath the rising water of the Nile.

- Travelers still came taking to rowboats to glide amongst the party submerged columns and beer down through the translucent green to the wonder sanctuaries of mighty Gods below.

- A visit to the unfinished obelisk in the Aswan granite quarries, it is a huge obelisk incompletely carved, about 41 meters high and more than 1150 tons weight, it owes its importance to the fact that it shows the techniques the ancient Egyptians used to carving obelisks.

- Overnight in Aswan.

Day 07:

- Transfer to Aswan airport to board your flight for Cairo.

- Arrival to Cairo and transfer to your hotel. Rest of the day at your leisure.

- Overnight in Cairo.

Day 08:

- Transfer to Cairo airport for final departure.

- Assistance through departure formalities.

  • Program includes:
    • Accommodation for 3 nights in Cairo, 2 nights in Luxor and 2 in Aswan; all on bed and breakfast basis.
    • One full day tour in Cairo, Classical Luxor and Aswan as mentioned in the program; all with guiding, fees & Transportation.
    • All transfers in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.
    • Portage.
  • Program does not include:
    • Entry Visa to Egypt.
    • International air tickets.
    • Entering inside the Pyramids of Giza, the mummies room in the museum, both Tut Ankh Amon & Nefertari's tombs in the West bank of Luxor.
    • Items or services which may carry a personal nature such as telephone calls, laundry, tipping, drinks .. Etc..


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