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Pearls Of Egypt

    Package VI  -  Pearls of Egypt  (14 nights / 15 days) 

  4 nights Cairo,  1 night Aswan, 2 nights Luxor, 1 nights Hurghada, 3 nights Sharm El sheikh, 1 night felluca, 1 night St. Catherine and 1 night sleeper train

Day 01:

- Arrival at Cairo international airport.

- Meet and assistance through arrival formalities and transfer to your hotel.

- Overnight in Cairo.

Day 02:

- A guided tour of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, one of the world's famous museums, the magnificent collection of antiquities includes mummies, sarcophagi and the fabulous treasures from the tomb of Tut Ankh Amon.

- PM. Islamic tour of Cairo, including a visit to Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque, it is distinguished by its dome which is 52 meters high, and its two minarets on the east side of the mosque, which rise 84 meters.

- It was so named " The Alabaster Mosque " because of the use of alabaster for coating its interior and exterior walls.

- This mosque is built within the walls of the citadel of Saladin, which was built in 1183 AD on the Medieval castle style.

- Then you'll have the chance to ramble through the famous Khan El Khalili Bazaars, one of the earliest and greatest markets in the Middle East, built in the 14th century AD and contains many stores that exhibit wonderful collections of jewelry, wooden products engrafted with mother-of pearl, leather ware, embroidered dresses and attractive hand-made products that make a great selection of souvenirs.  - Overnight in Cairo.

Day 03:

- Drive to Memphis, the oldest capital of ancient Egypt, built by King Menes, lies 24 KM southwest of Cairo, where you can see the colossal statue of Ramses II, and also see the alabaster Sphinx of King Tuth--Moses III. Then to Sakkara, the largest necropolis of Memphis, to admire the Step Pyramid and the mortuary compound of King Zoser, built by the engineer Imhotep about 2780 BC. The Pyramid is composed of six receding Mastabas on top of other. The Sakkara Step Pyramid is considered as evolution in the concept of pyramids from the simple Mastaba to the Pyramid in its present shape. Then to Unas Pyramid, the first of which they discovered " the Pyramids texts " on the inner walls of its corridors and the burial chamber. Some of the Mastaba tombs, such as Mereruka, could be seen in the site.- PM A visit to the Pyramids of Giza, the first of which was built over 5000 years ago, as it is always said about them " it is impossible to get tired of the Pyramids "! Then a visit to the famous Great Sphinx, sacred symbol of the union of the strongest physical with the highest intellectual power on earth, fashioned out of limestone. Then to the Valley Temple of the Second Pyramid.

- Evening, Transfer to Cairo station to board your sleeper train for Aswan.  - Dinner and overnight on board of the train.

Day 04:

- Breakfast on board of the sleeper train.

- Arrive Aswan station and transfer to your hotel. Aswan is considered as the sunniest southern and ancient frontier city, has distinctively African atmosphere, small enough to walk around the most beautiful setting on the Nile. Afternoon, sailing on the Nile with a felucca, the oldest method of navigation on the Nile. A visit to the Kitshener Island, a natural exhibition of exotic plants and trees imported from all over the world. View the Elephantine island, it was one of the most powerful forts on Egypt's southern borders, lies opposite to the Old Cataract hotel.  - Back to hotel and overnight.

Day 05:

- Felucca ride to Kom Ombo, where you'll be practicing the very premitave and the simplicity of life away of the complications of the modern life. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board of the felucca.

Day 06:

- Early morning arrival to Kom Ombo, a visit to the temple shared by the two gods of Sobek and Haroeris. This visit will be on your own, no guiding or fees are included.

- Drive to Luxor with a convenient transportation. Arrive Luxor and check into your hotel.

- PM. A visit to Karnak temples, where in the hypostyle hall of God Amon you are lost in a forest of columns. Karnak temples are the greatest sanctuary in history that includes several temples among which is the temple of Theban Triad ( Amon, Mout and Khonso ). Then drive to Luxor temple which is located 3 KM south of the temple of Karnak. It's famous for its pillars that take the form of a bundle of Papyrus. It was dedicated for the worship of God Amun Ra. The construction of the temple dates back to Amenhotep II and Ramses II. - Luxor temple was built to the glory of Amon Ra, king of Gods, and which they called " The Southern Harem of Amon " brought back to light in 1883 by Gaston Maspero. Overnight in Luxor.

Day 07:

- Early morning crossing the Nile by ferry boat to the West Bank. - Entering the dramatic Valley of the Kings, or " Biban El Molouk " which means the gate of Kings. The famous gorge dominated by a peak mountain called " Thibian Crown " contains the Necropolis of the great sovereigns from the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasties who prepared rock-hewn tombs for themselves.

- Then a visit to the rock-cut temple of Dair El Bahari " built for Queen Hatshepsut, one of the unique architectural masterpieces in the ancient Egyptian history. Queen Hatshepsut commissioned a monument to be built in honor of her father Thot-Mosis I. And for herself chose an inaccessible valley which consecrated to the goddess Hathour welcomed the dead in the next world. On the way back you'll pass by the famous colossi of Memnon, the only remains of the funeral temple of Amenophis III which must have stood to the sides of the entrance to the temple, are 20 meters high, their feet alone measures 2 meters in length and one meter width, cut in the monolithic blocks of sand-stone and portraying the Pharaoh seated on his thrown. Overnight in Luxor.

Day 08:

- Drive about 290 KM to Hurghada, the pearl of the Red Sea, and is noted for its magnificent Summer and Winter climate.

- Rest of the day at your disposal to discover the city on your own.

Day 09:

- Early morning transfer to Hurghada port to board a ferry for Sharm El Sheikh in about 2 hours.

- Arrive Sharm El Sheikh port and transfer to your hotel. Sharm El Sheikh is overlooking Aqaba golf. A Summer and Winter resort  preferred by vacationers to experience fishing, swimming, diving and relaxing. Rest of the day at your disposal for water activities and to discover the city on your own. Overnight in Sharm El Sheikh.

Day 10:

- Morning, a boat trip to one of the islands to practice snorkeling and swimming.

- A light meal with a cold drink will be served during the trip. Back to your hotel, rest of the day at your leisure. Overnight in Sharm El Sheikh.

Day 11:

- Free in Sharm El Sheikh.

Day 12:

- Drive to St. Catherine,

- Arrival and check into your hotel. Late in the evening, climb up Moses Mountain, it is 2285 meters high, on its highest summit, there is a small church and a mosque. Visitors are keen on climbing the mountain to watch sunrise. It is called MT. Moneiga where God spoke to his Prophet Moses. After watching the sunrise, walk down the Mountain.

Day 13:

- Before driving back to Cairo, a visit to the greatest monastery in Africa, the St. Catherine's, its construction goes back to the 4th century AD. It lies in the foothills of Moses Mountain 5012 feet above sea level. Built by Emperor Justinian for himself and his wife, it was named after Saint Catherine, the daughter of Kister, who was tortured to death by her father for she succeeded in covering 50 of his followers to Christianity in 307 AD. The Monastery includes the Basilica, the Chapel of the Burning Bush, the Library, the museum of the monastery and also a Mosque beside the main church, which was constructed in the reign of Fatimid Caliph, Al Amir Bi-Ahkam Allah, in the 11th century, symbolic of love and fraternity on the land of Egypt. A brunch in one of the local restaurants before driving back to Cairo. Arrive Cairo and check into your hotel. - Overnight in Cairo.

Day 14:

- A full day free at your leisure in Cairo, to revisit so sites or having some time for last minute shopping. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 15:

- Transfer to Cairo airport for final departure.

- Assistance through departure formalities.

  • Program includes:
    • Accommodation for 4 nights in Cairo, 1 in Aswan, 2 in Luxor, 1 in Hurghada, and 3 in Sharm; all on Bed and breakfast basis.
    • Accommodation for 1 night in St. Catherine on half board basis.
    • one night on board of felucca including 3 meals.
    • 1st class sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan, including dinner and breakfast on board.
    • 2 full days tours of Cairo, classical Aswan and Luxor, including guiding, fees and transportation.
    • Transportation from Kom Ombo to Luxor.
    • Transportation from Sharm El Sheikh to St. Catherine.
    • Transportation from Luxor to Hurghada.
    • Transportation from St. Catherine to Cairo.
    • Ferry boat from Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh.
    • Boat trip in Sharm
    • All transfers in Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm and St. Catherine. including assistance.
  • Program does not include:
    • Entry Visa to Egypt.
    • Entering inside the Pyramids of Giza, the mummies room in the Museum, both Tut Ankh Amon and Nefertari's tomb in the West bank of Luxor.
    • Guiding and entrance fees between Aswan, Luxor and in St. Catherine.
    • Any water activities / equipment in Hurghada or Sharm El - Sheikh.
    • Items or services which may carry a personal nature such as telephone calls, laundry, tipping, drinks.. Etc..


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