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Introduction to our Forum

Please read our guidelines carefully!

Introduction to our Forum

Postby Senior » Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:44 pm

Firstly, a warm welcome to A-1Hotels.com Travel Community Forum... we're glad you've found us! :D

This forum is devoted entirely to new members being able to introduce themselves and get to know other members.

When posting an introduction, please provide as much information as possible. Just saying "Hi, I'm new here" doesn't really tell anyone anything!

For guidance, tell us things like...

- your name, if it's not obvious from your username
- your age if you wish (you can be approximate!)
- where you live (we don't need your exact address, just an approximate location!)
- what you do for a living (please refrain from linking to or unnecessarily advertising any travel (or other) company that you work for... see the advertising rules for guidance as to how you may legitimately advertise should you wish to do so.)
- where you've traveled
- where you'd like to travel
- the type of travel you enjoy (budget, cruises, etc.)
- what your other interests are
- how you stumbled upon the forum
- etc. etc.

It's also helpful if you complete your profile as some of these details can be included there (click on Profile at the top of the page)

If you have any specific questions, you are probably best posting those as a separate message in the forum that's most pertinent to the query, rather than within your introduction post.

And, most important of all... enjoy the community! :D

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