Diving & Liveaboards in Egypt

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Daily Diving, Liveaboard Safari Trips, Desert Safari Diving, Shore Diving, Wrecks, Reefs, Walls, Drifts, Diver Education and Technical Diving... the Red Sea has it all!!

If you plan on staying in a hotel but would still like to organize a few days diving your options are endless. A considerable range of Dive Centers offer Daily diving. This consists of leaving by 9am, doing 2 dives, lunch and returning around 4pm. The Red Sea boasts some of the best local diving in the world with most sites accessible within an hours boat ride from established diving centers.

For those who would like to dive non stop we suggest a Live aboard Safari trip. Most dive centers also operate liveaboard boats and other companies specialize in this field. These trips accommodate a range of budgets and are usually full board with unlimited diving on more remote reefs. Mini Safaris are available for 2-3 days, however the standard trips are for 7-14 days. Most of the major liveaboard destinations start from the Tiran Straits and Ras Mohammed, the famous Thistlegorm Wreck, Gobail Straits and Abu Nuhas and South through the Safaga Reefs, Brother Islands, Elphinstone Reef and Marsa Alam.

Red Sea Dive Sites:

View dive site information & maps in the area of your choice :

1. Sharm El Sheikh

Maps of Egypt - red sea-dive-map

2. Gubal Straits / Ras Mohamed

3. Hurghada

4. Safaga

5. El Queseir

6. Marsa Alam

7. Liveaboards in the red sea

When life on a boat does not appeal there is always Shore Diving. Many dive centers host their own house reefs or operate shore diving excursions to nearby reefs along the coast. A popular option is shore diving desert safaris. Most of these operations offer rudimentary accommodation in the form of a tent with evenings spent around the fire on the beach. When you feel you have seen all of the shore sites, most also offer short boat trips to nearby reefs.
Bring your Dive License! Any reputable center will ask you for one. No problem if you don't have a license; your options for learning to dive or for advancing your education are endless. Courses from novice all the way up to instructor level and beyond are held regularly from a range of training agencies in the language of your choice!

Visability & Temperature:

Seasonal temperature changes play a big part in determining visibility. Winter tends to be the period of best visibility in Northern Red Sea areas with waters too cool to support algae and planktonic growth. Conversely, in the South, it is the Summer which offers best
visibility as the blistering hot surface temperatures translate into sea temperatures too hot to support the growth of marine microorganisms. No matter where you dive in the Red Sea blooms of planktonic growth can crop up at any time bringing the visibility down. Fortunately these are rare occurrences and the normal visibility is excellent ranging from 10-50+ meters.

Travel agents often promise water temperatures in the excess of 26C (80F), which is true for most of the Red Sea for much of the year. In fact, during the peak of Summer water temperatures often exceed 30C. However, during the winter in the north temperatures often fall as low as 20C (68F) with a surface wind chill before and after the dive making it seem even colder. Therefore, at least a 5mm or 7mm wet suit is advisable for diving the Red Sea in winter months. During the summer a lycra or 3mm suit is usually adequate.

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