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Package III - Queens of Egypt (8 nights / 9 days)

4 nights Cairo, 2 nights Luxor, 1 night Aswan and 1 night Alexandria

For optional tours click here

Day 01:

- Arrival at Cairo international airport.

- Meet and assistance through arrival formalities and transfer to your hotel.

- Overnight in Cairo.

Day 02:

- Your tour in Cairo will start with the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, it's considered as one of the world's most famous museums. The magnificent collection of antiquities includes mummies, sarcophagi, the fabulous treasures from Tut Ankh Amon's tomb, in addition to the great number of statues, many of them are depicting the importance ofthe Egyptian women through history, such as:

Queen Hetepheres: Wife of Snefru and mother of Cheops. Her collection was discovered about 100 meters from the east side of the great Pyramid at Giza. Among these collection is her Alabaster sarcophagus, the remains of a great golden canopy and cased with gold, together with vessels of gold, copper, alabaster and pottery.
Queen Hatshepsut: The daughter of King Thot-Mosis I and one of the most famous women in the Egyptian history. Stories have been told about her unique character. Many statues are showing her in different shapes such as a king or as a Sphinx. You also will have the chance to admire the statue of prince Ra-Hotep and his wife Nefert, they are the most likelife of all Egyptian sculptures, the state of preservation of the painting is amazing. This statue gives us the idea of how women were equal to men in ancient Egypt.
- The museum is also rich with many Egyptian goddesses in different shapes such as birds, animals and also human shapes.
-A visit to the famous three Pyramids of Giza, the Valley temple of the second Pyramid and the Great Sphinx. On the eastern side of the Great Pyramid there are three small structures about 20 meters high, which resemble little more than pyramid-shaped piles of rubble. They were the tombs of Cheops' wives and sisters.
- Back to hotel and overnight in Cairo.

Day 03:

- After breakfast, transfer to Cairo airport to board your flight for Luxor. In the air you can see a strip of green in the middle of the desert, here lies Luxor; one of the greatest capitals of the ancient world, the capital of the Egyptian empire for almost one thousand years. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel.- A visit to Luxor temple, where you can see the small shrine built by Queen Hatshepsut to declare her holly birth through God Amon -Ra, King of the Gods.

- At about 3 KM from Luxor temple stand the vast monumental area of Karnak, it's the largest temple with columns in the world, it's said that it could cover almost half of the Manhattan area! The temple of Karnak was joined to Luxor temple by a long stone-paved avenue, flanked by Sphinxes with ram heads.

- On the way back, visit Luxor museum, which displays countless interesting finds relating to the history of ancient Thebes, one of the most interesting pieces is the elegant head of Goddess Hathour in the form of a caw in gift wood.

- Back to the hotel and overnight in Luxor.

Day 04:

- After breakfast, cross the Nile by ferry to the West bank, visiting three tombs in the Valley of the Kings, then drive about one and half KM South West to the Queens' Valley, where you'll have the chance to enter one of the highlights of all visits which is Nefertari's tomb, the best loved of Ramses II numerous wives. This tomb is 27.50 Meters long and eight meters under the ground level, when discovered, the sepulcher seem to have been broken into since ancient times, all the objects had disappeared and the mummy of one of the most famous queens had been reduced to a sunder, only the magnificent paintings bear witness to the fact that this was one of the most important and beautiful tombs in the entire valley. On your way back, stop by the famous colossi of Memnon, which are all the remains of the burial temple of King Amenophis III, these statues are 20 meters high, portraying the Pharaoh seated on his thrown. You can easily note that the statue of Queen Tiya, wife of Amenophis III flanks the legs of the colossus. On the other side the Pharaoh's Mother, Mut Em Uya. Cross back to the East Bank and transfer to your hotel for overnight.

Day 05:

- After breakfast, transfer to Luxor airport to board your flight for Aswan. Arrive Aswan airport and transfer to your hotel. Goddess Isis: Afternoon, a visit to the temple of Philae, the romantic and majestic aura surrounding the temple complex of Isis on the Island of Philae, has been luring pilgrims for thousands of years at first, it was the cults of Isis, Osiris and Horus, and the Greco- Roman temple raised in honor of the Goddess drew devotees not only from all over Egypt but the whole Mediterranean. Isis, the sister and wife of the great Osiris, was the Egyptian goddess of healing, purity and sexuality, of motherhood and women, of the promise of immortality and of nature itself. She was worshipped so passionately and her popularitywas so great that she became identified with all the goddesses of the Mediterranean, finally absorbing them to become the universal mother of nature and protector of humans. Back to hotel in Aswan and overnight.

Day 06:

- After breakfast, transfer to Aswan airport to board your flight for Abu Simbel.

- Arrive and transfer to the temples' site. The Great temple of Ramses II was dedicated to the Gods Ra-Harakhty, Amun, Ptah and of course to the deified Pharaoh himself. While the smaller rock-cut Temple of Hathour, was dedicated to the cow-headed goddess of love and built in honor of Ramses' favorite wife, Queen Nefertari. Transfer to Abu Simbel airport to board your flight for Cairo. Arrive Cairo airport and transfer to your hotel.

- Overnight in Cairo.

Day 07:

- After breakfast, Train to Alexandria, the largest port in Egypt and one of the major summer resorts on the Mediterranean, lies in the north west of the Nile Delta, 225 KM from Cairo. It was also considered the pearl of the Mediterranean and the second capital of Egypt. It's noted for its outstanding location, mild climate all year round and fine sandy beaches stretching over 40 Kilometers.

- Afternoon, a visit to the Royal Jewelry Museum; established in "Fatema Al Zahraa" Palace, this museum is considered a magnificent architectural piece of art. Its halls comprise several paintings, decoration and rare statues, museum houses collection of Mohamed Ali Family Jewelry, all are invaluable and rare pieces.

- Then to the " Montazah " Palace Gardens, which are famous for the beautiful trees and palms, there are also sandy beaches , two hotels, restaurants as well as tourist center.

- Overnight in Alexandria.

Day 08:

- After breakfast, a visit to the Greco-Roman Museum, houses around forty thousand invaluable relics, some dating back as far as the 3rd century BC. The " Tanger" statues are one of the priceless treasures to be seen in the Museum.

- Then to the Roman Theater, over 30 years of excavations have uncovered many Roman remains including this theater with marble seats for up to 800 spectators, galleries and sections of Mosaic-flooring.

- Then the Catacombs of " Kom El Shokkafa ", it's a warren of tombs on three levels, also contains triclinium, where relatives used to sit on stone benches to feast the dead.

- Lunch in one of the local restaurants, before your train back to Cairo. Arrive Cairo, transfer to your hotel and check in. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 09:

- Transfer to Cairo airport for final departure.

- Assistance through departure formalities.

  • Program includes:
    • Accommodation for 4 nights in Cairo, 2 nights in Luxor, 1night in Aswan and one in Alexandria, all on bed and breakfast basis.
    • One full day tour of Cairo, Classical Luxor and half day tour of Aswan including guiding, fees and transportation.
    • Tour of Abu Simbel by air from Aswan including air tickets, fees, guiding and transportation. * Two half days tour of Alexandria, including guiding, fees, transportation and one outdoor lunch.
    • 1st class train tickets Cairo/ Alex / Cairo.
    • All transfers in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria including assistance.
  • Program does not include:
    • Entry Visa to Egypt.
    • Entering inside the Pyramids of Giza, the mummies room in the museum and Tut Ankh Amon tomb in the West Bank of Luxor.
    • Items or services which may carry a personal nature such as telephone calls, laundry, tipping, drinks ..

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