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Budapest has a huge range of restaurants offering every kind of cuisine to suit every budget.
University canteens are an excellent budget option. Anyone can eat there but you need a student card to order from the cheapest menus.

In this researchers opinion Budapest's cafes are more impressive than Vienna's and a lot cheaper. Cafes are a cultural experience. Aim to spend a lot of time in them relaxing and enjoying the coffee house culture.
Budapest has been invaded by International fast food chains, there are 36 branches of McDonald's, 20+ branches of Pizza Hut., 12 branches of Burger King.

V District: Central Area




Kisharang Etkezde: V, Oktober 6 ut. 17 Highly Rec
3-400Ft M-F11-21, Sa11:30-16:30
Popular with local office staff. Rustic decor, checked tablecloths, fast turnover. English menu includes half portions which are enough. Good value, tasty food.



Merleg Vendeglo: V,Merleg ut 6, T3175910 M-Sa8-23:00
French/Hungarian 500+ft, unexpectedly cheap local French restaurant just N from Tourist area. Interesting mix of customers. Friendly & funny waiters. Highly Rec



Pizzamix: V. Merleg u. 10, 11-22:00. Pizza, You can select what should be on the top of your pizza, pastas, salad bar. Cheap and friendly Rec.



Gandhi: V,ker Vigyazo u 4, 12:00-22:30
Indian/Vegetarian They have two dishes, Sun plate & Moon plate big 880Ft small 680Ft, and salad bar by weight. Bio drinks, desserts. Relaxing atomosphere and music.Highly Rec



Paprika: V, Varoshaz 10 + Pilvaxkoz
Hungarian M-F 11-16:30, Sa 11-15:30 Lunch 300+, cake 80+ canteen style. Main meals are basic and unappetizing but they have cheap, delicious pastries Rec



Vegetarium: V. Cukor ut. 3 closed



Alfold Kisvendeglo: V, Kecskemeti next to the police station. 11-24:00
Hungarian 600Ft, excellent local food not far from the tourist center at an affordable price.Rec



Korona Passage: V. Kecskemeti u. 17, M3-Kalvin ter. International, 10-22:00. One of the Hotel Korona facilities, main dishes, salad bar, huge French pancakes. Nice atmosphere after a rusty day.



Cabar: V. Iranyi ut. 25 Shawarma+salad M-F 10-22:00. Stand up buffet-style. Crowded. Rec



Jegbufe: V, Ferenciek tere. MTuTh7-21, WSaSu7-19:00
Cafe Coffee 75+ft & cakes
Stand up cafe close to a major bus stop. Rec



Gerbeaud: V. Vorosmarty ter. 7 8:00-22:00
Cafe One of the oldest in the city, in the past it was frequented by Hungarian royalty. Now very touristy.
Transport: M1-Vorosmarty ter



Szamos Marcipan: V. Parisi u 5, 10-20:00. ice cream. Excellent ice-cream, outdoor tables only.



Zsolnay Cafe: V. Vaci u 20, Belongs to Hotel Taverna, cakes and pastries, elegant style, old fashioned cafe through it is newly built.



Gelato V. Iranyi ut. 19-21 ice-cream 50Ft.



Demmer's Tea House: Podmaniczky u 14, near Nyugati ter 10-20:00 Tea Small tea house serving excellent tea in a pot - a pot is enough for 2.



Mariatt Hotel: Lobby Lounge V,Apaczai Csere Janos ut. 4, Cake buffet with coffee/tea. 1500Ft
Excellent place to sample delicious cakes.



Quint Cafe: V, Suto International Salads 250Ft, open sandwiches 60-70Ft, 2 floors, wrought iron decor, Pastel colors. In front of Tourist office, opposite side.



Ven Hajo's: V, Belgrad rakpart, at Peir 2 in front of Hotel International. T267-0303, 11:00-2:00
International Buffet restaurant in floating boat. 1,500/p



Cafe Kor: V Sas u 17, M-F9-22:00, Sa10-22:00, Cafe
main dish 700+
, yuppie clientele



VI & XIII district: (Pest N side)




Felafel: VI. Paulay Ede ut. 53, Felafel +salad 290Ft
M-F10-20, Sa10-18:00, Upstairs seating. As much felafel and salad as you can stuff into a pitta bread. Delicious Best value in Budapest. Highly Rec Closed beginning of Aug.



Giero Etkezde: VI,Paulay Ede ut. 58, 12-23:00
Hungarian 500Ft, Very cheap local restaurant.



Fozelek Falo Etkezde: VI, Nagymezo u. near MAV int'l ticket office. Local, Small place, frequented by local, cheap food, quick service.



Underground: VI. Terez krt. 30 Bar/Cafe
Next to Muvez art cinema. Modern art decor, popular with a young, artsy clientele. Rec



Butterfly: VI, Terez krt. just N from Octgon W side. M-F10-18, Sa10-14 Icecream 40Ft. Delicious icecream. Could be one of the best in Central Europe. Next door is a another (inferior) ice cream shop.



Mirtusz: VI. Zichy Jeno Ut. 47 (near Oktogon) Vegetarian 12-24:00, Stylish, trendy place. Miso soup 280ft, Tempura 590ft. Herbal teas. free peanuts. Rec



Marquis de Salade VI. Hajos ut. 43 Middle
Middle East/International 12-24:00, 1000+Ft
Ethnic decor, cozy, salad bar, interesting dishes from Russia, East & N Africa, China, France. Rec



Muvesz Kavehaz: VI,Andrassy ut. 29, Cafe 9-24:00 Opp.the Opera house. coffee 160Ft, Another beautiful, elegant cafe popular with locals and visitors. Great coffee, cakes & ice cream. Pleasant outside area.Highly Rec



Perity Mestercukraszda: VI. Andrassy ut. 37 M.1 Oktogon Cafe 8-22:00. Down the road from Muvesz, less trendy but just as good. Highly Rec



Gelateria Italiana: VI. Andrassy ut. M1-Opera. Italian Ice cream, coffee 170-200Ft. Down the road from Muvesz. Delicious & beautiful ice cream shop Highly Rec.



Vista Cafe & Rest.: VI. Paulay Ede u. 7. 8-22:00. Nice & big sandwiches in baquette. International food. Delicious pear cake and other desserts. Warm deciration, friendly atmosphere many visitors.



Cactus Juice Pub Rest.: VI. Jokai ter 5. near Octogon. F-Sa Parties, cocktailos.



Komedias Kavehaz: VI. Nagymezo u. 26. near Octogon. 8-24:00. Old style French cafe. Breakfast, brunch, salads, cakes



Teahaz a Voros Oroszlanhoz(Red Lion Tea House): VI. Jokai ter 8, M-Sa11-23:00. Similar to Demmers Teahouse. downstairs: shop, upstairs teahouse.



Thai Sandwich Bar: VI Terez krt 46, 400Ft+ quick Thai food, Take-away is available. Highly Rec


VII & VIII District: Pest S side




Hazl Retes: VII. Kiraly ut. 70 M-F9-18, Sa9-14:00 Hungarian Great pancakes. Highly Rec



Cafe New York: Now closed for renovation.
VII,Erzsebet krt 9/11 9-24 Highly Rec
- must see,one of the world's most elegant cafes, built late 19th C. Look like a palace, regal style decor, domes covered with frescoes. Must pay entrance fee - 250ft, redeemable for something off the menu. Most of the customers are tourists but definitely worth a visit.



Darshan cafe: VIII,Raday u.22 10-15:00,16-27:00
cafe/bar Pleasant, social cafe. Walls covered with photos on the wall. coffee ft?



Cafe Coquan's: VIII,Rodays u 15, M-F8-18,Sa11-17
Cafe coffee 150Ft
Sells coffee beans, not a stanard cafe, just stand and drink, but the coffee is excellent, best I found. Highly Rec



Etkezde: VIII,Raday u, opp from Paris Texas. M-Sa 11-15:00
Local, Canteen style food, Very cheap 400Ft



Paradixe cafe: VIII, Kludy Gymla u 8



Thai Sandwich Bar: VII. Rakoczi ut 8/A, 400Ft+ quick Thai food, Take-away is available. Highly Rec.



Darshan udvar: VIII. Krudy Gyula u. 7. Indian food. 700Ft+. Must-see interesting design, nicely decorated. Freaky people.



Ristorante Venezia: VIII, Jozsef krt. 85. Italian 700Ft+. delicious pastas, huge portions.



I,II,XI District: Buda side




Seoul House: I. Fo ut. 8, Korean barbecue
Much visited by resident Koreans.
Transport: Tram #19, bus #2,



Gusto Cafe II. Frankel Leo ut. 12 Salads M-Sa10-22:00



St. Jupat: II,Retek U, near Moscvar ter.
Hungarian 600-1000ft 24hrs
Very popular. Huge beer hall style, serves huge portions of traditional Hungarian cuisine. Come very hungry.Highly Rec Warning: dishes for 2 are enough for 4 people.



Marcellos XI. Bartok Bela ut. 40
Italian 600ft+ 12-22:00
Stylish, restaurant with authentic Italian cuisine. Delicious- try the raspberry soup. Always crowded. Highly Rec
Castle Area Many of the restaurants in this area are cater for tourists and are overpriced.



Cafe Miro: I. Uri Ut. 30 Snacks & cakes 9-24:00
Miro style furnishings. One of the best options in the Castle district. if planning to eat in this area. Rec



Ruszwarm: Szentharomsag ut. 7 Castel dist.
Cafe Rural olde worlde ornaments and furnishings. Slow service, but a pleasant place to take a break from sightseeing.Highly Rec



Cafe Ponyvaregeny: XI Bercsenyi u 5, Some Hungarian dishes, sandwiches, little bit smoky, British style, games and cards.





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