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Please read and click on "I Agree" if you agree with all of our Reservation Terms:


Rates for Hotels in Cyprus are in Cyprus Pounds (CYP)

Credit Cards

 To process your reservation, we require your credit card information.
 Please note that NO reservations will be processed without a valid credit card information.

 Reservation & Cancellation

We process all reservations free of charge. However, if you cancel your reservation up to 3 working days before your scheduled arrival, we will charge you 9 CYP administrative fee. If you cancel your reservation less than 3 working days before your stay or if you do not show at the hotel, you will be charged a fee which may exceed 100% for the first unused night.

If you need to change your reservation (even when you are already at the hotel), you have to contact a travel agency that represents our service. Full contact information will be provided to you in your email hotel confirmation. If you do not notify a travel agency specified in your
hotel confirmation of any changes, you are liable for the full amount based on your original hotel reservation request.


This is not an automatic hotel reservation service. We will make your reservation and send you a confirmation as soon as possible through Email.


A travel agency representing our service will charge your credit card for the hotel room.  Consequently, you must not pay for your room at the hotel. At the hotel itself, you ONLY pay for extras such as room service, Pay TV, etc. If you pay for your room at the hotel, you will be double charged, once by a travel agency and once by the hotel. In such a situation, you need to contact the hotel directly in order to receive a refund.

 Handling Fee:

There is a 8 CYP one time handling fee per person for administration charges.



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