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A-1Hotels  Cyprus FAQ

How do I make a reservation?
From our directory, choose the hotel you want to stay in and press "Make Your Reservation" at the bottom of each hotel page. You will be taken into a Secure Server reservation form. On the form, just follow the instructions.

How long does it take to make a reservation?
about 3 minutes

Can I make a reservation directly through the hotel?
You can, but the prices displayed on OceanImpact.com are available only through our service. If you make a reservation at the hotel, you will be charged on average 10% to 50% more.

When do you check availability?
We check availability only at the point of making a reservation. If the hotel of your choice is not available AND you give us a permission (see reservation form) to reserve another hotel at comparable price and standard, we will do so. Please remember that by combining "availability check" and "reservation" into a one step, we cut on our cost of operations and thus we can offer you much cheaper prices.

Are taxes and breakfast included in your prices?
Yes. Unless noted otherwise, all taxes and breakfast are included.

Do you offer additional discounts for senior citizens, students, airline
employees, etc.?
No. You will find that our prices are already heavily discounted; consequently, we can not offer any additional discounts.

Are Your prices by room or by person?
All prices in our service are per room, not per person. For example, a price for a single means a room with one person, for a double means a room with 2 persons, etc.

How can you offer rooms at such discounted prices?
For two reasons. First, we have teamed up with local travel agencies who have negotiated these favorable rates. Second, we use the internet to do all the transactions which cuts our cost considerably.

Will you confirm that my reservation was made?
Yes. We confirm all reservations through e-mail as soon as possible.

Please note : if your reservation is made right before or during a holiday, it may a few more days to confirm it.

Will you confirm my reservation by fax or phone?
No. We make confirmations only by e-mail so please make double sure that you have provided us the correct e-mail address.

Can I receive a confirmation directly from the Hotel?
Yes, you can but you would need to call/fax the hotel yourself. Simply, wait for our confirmation by email. Once you receive it, contact the hotel (phone/fax numbers for hotels are provided on each hotel's web page).

What is your cancellation policy?
If you make your reservation and cancel 3 or more business days before your reservation is due, we will charge your credit card 9 USD administrative fee. However, if you cancel your reservation less than 3 working days before your reservation, we will charge you for the first unused hotel night. Consequently, be sure that your travel plans quite solid before using our service.

Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?
Yes. We will make a reservation only when you provide a valid credit card information.

When exactly is my credit card charged?
Unless specified otherwise on the reservation form, your credit card is charged about 3 working days BEFORE your arrival.

Who will charge my credit card?
A local travel agency which processes your reservation. In your confirmation email, you will receive a full contact information for the travel agency that will charge your credit card

What if I am afraid of sending you my credit card information?
We solved this problem by setting up a secure server which encrypts your information while in transit over the internet.

Who created A-1 Hotel Reservation System?
The service was developed by Ocean Impact Group, an internet company that specializes in online hotel reservation systems.

More questions?
please send us
email and we will answer promptly.



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